Are you in the middle of planning a family vacation? If you have a nanny, you may be thinking of bringing them along. First things first! Repeat after us: This is YOUR vacation, NOT theirs! Therefore, the payment cannot be travel and lodging expenses. This is not a trip they would use their PTO for. A nanny traveling with your family is the same as you traveling for a work trip. It may even be more exhausting for your nanny, as no day will be the typical schedule/environment that your children OR your nanny are used to. 

We recommend setting all expectations before the trip, as well as compensating your nanny not only for hours worked, but hours traveled. Even if your family is sitting completely away from the nanny on a flight or you’re on a different flight from your employee all together, the right thing to do is compensate them for that time. Your flight could very well be outside of regular work hours, and again- your nanny would not show up for this trip if it was not their job. As far as pay, the same should apply. Any hours worked over 40 should be considered overtime and compensated accordingly. Both you and your nanny should track their hours while on vacation to make sure you agree on what is owed. 

In addition to lodging and travel expenses, you should be providing food stipends, as- again- they are not home and able to cook with their own food. This is an expense they would not incur if not on this trip to work, therefore it should be covered. It should also be stressed that it’s probably best if your nanny does not room with your children so that she has calm and quiet off hours. Work as a team and set each other up for success, both in your home and on vacation. We understand how expensive this could add up to be, which is why it’s good to think it all out and make sure every detail has already been anticipated.

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