Household Employee Taxes- Tips & Guidance

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Most of our clients work for companies, businesses, and corporations. Therefore, hiring a nanny or housekeeper may be their first time and/or only experience with having an employee. This can be overwhelming and confusing when tax season rolls around.    Anyone working in your home based on a schedule you set and how you want […]

Hiring Your Summer Nanny: 101

It’s that time of year. We are still in the thick of spring and are already making decisions for childcare in the quickly approaching summer. April is when we receive our biggest influx of inquiries specifically looking to hire a Summer Nanny, and June is when most hired Summer Nannies will start their positions. So, […]

Newborn Care Specialist vs Infant Nanny: What’s the Difference?

At the Nanny Poppins Agency, we have seen a large rise in our clients looking for a “Newborn Care Specialist” over the past two years. We have always placed “Infant Nanny” positions, but NCS was a newer topic for us. So how are they different, and which one would best suit your family’s needs? First, […]

Q&A with Jennifer Bouchard, Nanny Poppins Owner + Founder

Nanny Poppins agency owner and founder Jennifer Bouchard

Today on the blog we have a special treat. We’re sitting down with Jennifer Bouchard, owner and founder of Nanny Poppins, to dive deep into Nanny Poppins’ history and operations. We’ll learn how Nanny Poppins grew from a local nanny placement agency to a nationwide, full household staffing and business staffing agency. Read on to […]