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Have you binged both parts of season 3 of the hit Netflix show, Bridgerton? We definitely have! If you have not watched yet- don’t worry about any spoilers today. Instead- we want to give a shoutout to the most featured household staff in the ton on the show: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Varley, and Brimsley.

Mrs. Wilson, Housekeeper of the Ton

First up is Mrs. Wilson, the housekeeper for the Bridgerton Family, and it seems she does it all! We see her greet and introduce guests for afternoon tea or overnight stays, assist in party & event planning (and for all these Bridgerton weddings that task alone could be a full time job!), accompany the family to events, oversee meal planning and prep for the whole family, and manage other staff for the Bridgerton estate. Mrs. Wilson’s such an important character that we even see Eloise accuse her of being Lady Whistledown, to which Mrs. Wilson replied that if she had as much money as Whistledown does, she would not be working for the Bridgertons.

Mrs. Wilson, Housekeeper for the Bridgertons

Mrs. Varley, Housekeeper of the Ton

Mrs. Varley works as a housekeeper for the Featheringtons. Like Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Varley wears many hats for the estate. Throughout these 3 seasons, we have seen her handle changing bedding, announcing guests, sorting through mail and invitations, and helping to plan events (“Now Varley! The bugs!”). We see her working closely alongside Portia Featherington, as well as being supportive to Penelope, Philippa, and Prudence.

Mrs. Varley, Housekeeper for the Featheringtons

Brimsley, Butler to the Crown

Our personal favorite, Brimsley, is a butler and royal attendant for Queen Charlotte. He’s known as the queen’s right hand man. We have seen him appear in all 3 seasons of Bridgerton, as well as a younger version of him appear alongside younger versions of Queen Charlotte & King George in the spinoff, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Just like our two favorite housekeepers, Brimsley handles anything and everything for his queen. There are not many scenes where we do not see Queen Charlotte without Brimsley close by.

Bridgertonbrimsley butler
Brimsley, Butler to the Queen.

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