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Placement Process

Your success is our success, which is why we put so much effort into our screening and placement process. We depend on our in-depth knowledge of both our candidates and our clients to create the successful placements that we’ve delivered for hundreds of families from all walks of life across the country. We need to get to know you professionally and personally to ensure that we are able to send you only to the positions that we are confident are going to be a great fit for you. It’s why we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most highly regarded nanny and domestic staffing agencies with both clients and care professionals.

We have a wide variety of assignments available for both live-in and live-out help and we’re adding more daily. The Nanny Poppins Agency never charges a fee to our candidates and we make getting started with us easy. While the hiring process may vary some according to individual assignment and client, it will typically follow these basic steps:

Initial Interview & Review
  • Includes evaluation of needs and experience
  • Review of past experience, current and future life and career goals
  • No charge assessment and background check
  • Answering all of your questions and assisting you with any special requests
Nanny and domestic staffing
Position Search Begins
  • Enter you into our secure database of prequalified, prescreened candidates
  • Notify you of appropriate positions that we have currently and as new clients register
  • Go over important details of each position and send your information to them if you qualify and are interested in the position
  • Mutual communication continues as needed between you and the agency so that we can assist you throughout the process
Your First Contact With Potential Employers
Nanny Poppins_domestic staffing
  • Conduct any preparation for your in-person client interviews
  • Facilitate initial interview via email, phone or whatever method works best for you
  • Provide a complete portfolio on the position including:
    • Job description
    • An introduction from our interviewer about our experience with that employer and thoughts on particulars that will be important for you to know
    • Candidates are asked to contact our agency to provide feedback regarding your first communication with each client
    • Schedule in-person interview with the client
Post-Interview Follow Up
  • Contact the agency after each interview to provide appropriate feedback
  • We will answer questions you might have from the interview(s)
  • Let you know if another interview is needed
  • Share feedback from the client, answer follow up questions and facilitate follow up interviews if needed
  • Obtain feedback from the client that will be helpful to you and to us when helping you secure the best position and convey it back to you if required
Accepting A Position
  • W written acceptance of the position
  • Provide assistance with negotiating the offer and benefits when needed
Domestic Staffing
  • Ongoing support throughout the placement

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