What Staff Have Thee in the Ton?

Dearest Gentle Reader, Have you binged both parts of season 3 of the hit Netflix show, Bridgerton? We definitely have! If you have not watched yet- don’t worry about any spoilers today. Instead- we want to give a shoutout to the most featured household staff in the ton on the

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The Rise of the Housekeeper

Ask any of our team here at Nanny Poppins, and they’ll tell you- the most coveted candidates to find are qualified housekeepers. Executive housekeepers with private home experience stay in their positions much longer than a career nanny would, on average. Why is that? Well, think of it this way-

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Nanny Poppins is Back in Town!

Nanny Poppins is back in the building! Jennifer Bouchard, founding owner, has moved her official headquarters back to the 01945 after a decade. The Nanny Poppins Agency was founded in 1995 in Marblehead, MA, and for nearly 3 decades Jennifer’s team has been placing estate and household positions from New

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Traveling with Your Nanny

Are you in the middle of planning a family vacation? If you have a nanny, you may be thinking of bringing them along. First things first! Repeat after us: This is YOUR vacation, NOT theirs! Therefore, the payment cannot be travel and lodging expenses. This is not a trip they

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Is Hiring a Live-In Right for Your Household?

First of all, what is a live-in? When domestic and household staffing agencies post a job for a live-in, it means that your employee will live either in the house with you or in other housing provided, typically on your property. This being said, we have had clients that provide

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The Rise of the Manny

The Nanny Poppins Agency can staff virtually anyone working in your private home, home office, and/or estate, but we started off almost 30 years ago by staffing one role- Nanny. So we know, maybe better than anyone, how popular the “Manny” role has been getting! So popular in fact, that

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