Ask any of our team here at Nanny Poppins, and they’ll tell you- the most coveted candidates to find are qualified housekeepers. Executive housekeepers with private home experience stay in their positions much longer than a career nanny would, on average. Why is that? Well, think of it this way- your kids won’t always need a nanny, but your home will always need a housekeeper. And while a nanny may evolve into different roles with the family as the children grow older (household manager, family assistant), rarely do we see them switch into housekeeping. 

Additionally, if a housekeeper is being well taken care of by their employers, they are much more likely to stay longer in that position. This could quite literally mean that a housekeeper will stay with one employer for decades! We see it all the time. In fact, one of the last housekeeper candidates we placed with an amazing client in LA was leaving her previous employer because they had passed away- and the candidate would not have left otherwise. 

Housekeeper positions are in demand. Salaries have increased by about 20% and by 2028, there is projected to be another 90,000 positions available.

No matter your reason for hiring, Nanny Poppins Agency is here to listen and assist you in your search. We have the resources and database to fill any position, and we are often working on our assignments 7 days a week! Call us today to get started on your search: 888-849-6090. You can also visit our website to learn more about our open positions-

Are you ready to make your decision on which role to hire for your family’s new addition? Or maybe you still need our guaranteed free consultation to help make a final decision. Don’t bother googling “nanny near me”! We are a nationwide agency ready to help you today. With nearly 3 decades of experience, we are here to carefully cultivate your childcare needs, as well as completely customize your search.

Enjoy the article but looking for another role to fill? While many think we are only a nanny agency that supplies nanny services, Nanny Poppins can staff any one of your household needs! Housekeeping, nannies, personal assistants, butlers, house managers, personal chef, estate managers- we do it all. 

Visit our website or give us a call today- 888-849-6090 to speak with one of our seasoned professionals.

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