Hiring domestic staff can be a daunting task. If you need to hire household staff, you’re already a busy person. You know you need a perfect fit for your household, but what does that mean? Analyzing your needs, creating a job description, finding and vetting candidates, and securing a contract are all part of a time and energy intensive process. That’s where professional household staffing agencies come in. Why use a private national household staffing agency? There are many types of household staffing agencies, including franchises or small local agencies, and each have their own unique processes. In this post we’ll explore the benefits specific to using a privately-owned national household staffing agency. 


Expertise and Experience

Private national household staffing agencies have the expertise and experience to help you find the right candidate for your household. They have a deep understanding of the industry and can provide expert insight into your unique situation. Private national staffing agencies have a pulse on the industry’s current developments and can provide guidance on the hiring process including job descriptions, salary expectations, and benefits packages. When you use a national private household staffing agency, you have experts on your team to help you navigate the domestic staff hiring process every step of the way. 

Extensive Network

Private national household staffing agencies have an extensive network of highly qualified and experienced candidates. They have access to a pool of professionals that may not be available through other channels, such as online job boards or classified ads. Likewise, the industry’s top domestic staff know the best agencies to work with and look to them to find their ideal jobs. Private national domestic staffing agencies place jobs for the industry’s top professionals on a daily basis. 


Using a private national household staffing agency can save you a significant amount of time. The agency will handle the recruitment process, including screening, creating portfolios, and reference checking. With expert recruitment specialists on your team, you don’t have to spend time researching industry standards and processes. You aren’t responsible for creating job descriptions, finding and vetting candidates, or navigating the interview process alone. You don’t have to work to maintain your privacy – the agency does this for you. Attempting to hire domestic staff on your own is not impossible, but it is undoubtedly time consuming. 

Customized Service

Private national household staffing agencies provide customized service to meet your household’s specific needs. You know that you need household staffing support – but what type of professional(s) do you need? Household staffing agencies understand the nuances between different types of domestic staff. Private national household staffing agencies have recruitment specialists on the ground in different parts of the country and can help connect you with the best professionals in your area. Your recruitment specialists can help you analyze your household’s needs and determine the type and amount of domestic staff that you need for your home or estate to run smoothly. 

What is the difference between a household manager and estate manager? Do I need a personal assistant or family assistant? Can my nanny also be a household manager? These are the types of extremely common questions that have very nuanced answers. You don’t need to figure out those answers alone when you work with a private national domestic staffing agency. The agency will work with you to understand your requirements and preferences, and they will help you find qualified candidates that match your criteria.

Quality Placement

Working with a private national household staffing agency ensures a high-quality placement. The agency will conduct thorough background checks and reference checks to ensure that the candidate is qualified, experienced, and trustworthy. They may have already worked with a candidate and placed them in a successful posting. The agency will also provide assistance with negotiating the offer, work agreement and other paperwork needed for the hiring process. They can provide referrals for outside services, such as payroll services, that will help you manage the legal and tax requirements of employing a household staff member. The staffing agency can be available for you throughout your staff member’s placement, being there to answer any questions that may come up throughout their term of employment. 

Peace of Mind

Using a private national household staffing agency gives you peace of mind. Unlike a domestic staffing franchise, you will receive personalized customer service every step of the way. With a national network, you’ll have access to the industry’s top professionals. You can rest assured that the candidates have been thoroughly vetted, and that the agency will provide ongoing support to ensure a successful placement. You don’t have to navigate the domestic staffing process alone!

Find Your Perfect Domestic Staff Today

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