First of all, what is a live-in? When domestic and household staffing agencies post a job for a live-in, it means that your employee will live either in the house with you or in other housing provided, typically on your property. This being said, we have had clients that provide housing off property, or a stipend for rent as an incentive. What type of positions are common to see for live-in? Our most popular live-in position is Nanny, but we often see Live-In Housekeeper, Live-In Chef, Live-In Butler. 

Here’s something else that we have noticed lately with our open Live-In positions- they often make more per hour than Live-Outs! An immediate objection may be, “But we are paying for their living expenses/housing.” Our objection would be, “This is not an exchange. Serious live-in candidates are not in this for just free housing. You are hiring a professional who has made a career in this industry and is willing to give up all or more of their personal life to have the opportunity to work with your household.” 

And we mean it! We interview candidates on a regular basis that have made an entire career of being a Live-In employee. They are making themselves available to you and flexible to your needs, on a level that a Live-Out just simply cannot, which often reflects in their desired hourly rate. We recommend having at least a separate bedroom and bathroom available for a live-in, should you choose to go this route.

No matter your reason for hiring, Nanny Poppins Agency is here to listen and assist you in your search. We have the resources and database to fill any position, and we are often working on our assignments 7 days a week! Call us today to get started on your search: 888-849-6090. You can also visit our website to learn more about our open positions- 

Are you ready to make your decision on which role to hire for your family’s new addition? Or maybe you still need our guaranteed free consultation to help make a final decision. Don’t bother googling “nanny near me”! We are a nationwide agency ready to help you today. With nearly 3 decades of experience, we are here to carefully cultivate your childcare needs, as well as completely customize your search.

Enjoy the article but looking for another role to fill? While many think we are only a nanny agency that supplies nanny services, Nanny Poppins can staff any one of your household needs! Housekeeping, nannies, personal assistants, butlers, house managers, personal chef, estate managers- we do it all. 

Visit our website or give us a call today- 888-849-6090 to speak with one of our seasoned professionals.

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