The Nanny Poppins Agency can staff virtually anyone working in your private home, home office, and/or estate, but we started off almost 30 years ago by staffing one role- Nanny. So we know, maybe better than anyone, how popular the “Manny” role has been getting! So popular in fact, that even our founding owner, Jennifer, has employed a few. 

So what is a “manny”? It’s a pretty simple answer, but a manny is a male nanny. Before we saw a rise of client requests for a manny, we saw them begin to appear in pop culture! Winston Bishop, a main character played by Lamorne Morris on FOX’s New Girl from 2011-2018, was employed as a manny in season one for Schmidt’s employer. Adam DeVine played Andy Bailey, a manny employed by Jay & Gloria on ABC’s Modern Family from 2013-2018. Idris Elba played a character named Charlie who becomes a reluctant Manny in Netflix’s “Turn Up Charlie”. Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she hired a Manny specifically for her son, Saint.

Adam DeVine as Andy Bailey in Modern Family, 2013. 

Why would someone choose to hire a “manny” over a “nanny”? We know the nanny industry is largely female dominated, much like nursing. Families who seek out a manny may be looking for a male childcare provider for their children for a number of reasons. Single mothers often see this as an opportunity to provide not only reliable childcare but a positive male role model. Maybe a client’s child had a wonderful experience with a male teacher or camp counselor, and wants to continue that experience at home. Sometimes, we present a male candidate to a family looking for a nanny and this candidate happens to be the best fit for their household dynamic, regardless of gender.

No matter your reason for hiring a manny, Nanny Poppins Agency is here to listen and assist you in your search. We have the resources and database to fill any position, and we are often working on our assignments 7 days a week! Call us today to get started on your search: 888-849-6090. You can also visit our website to learn more about our open positions- 

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