Household manager job description

What does a household manager do?

A household manager is a professional domestic worker who oversees the general operations of a home. Household managers work to ensure that everything in the home runs smoothly and efficiently, from day-to-day tasks and coordinating tasks of other household staff members. Are you looking for a household manager? Or do you want to know how to become a household manager? Let’s explore the household manager job description including roles and responsibilities of a household manager and the nuances of this important role.

Household Manager Job Description

What does a household manager do? A household manager is responsible for overseeing the general operations of a home. Their duties vary depending on the needs of the household, the size of the family, and the other staff the family retains.

However, common household manger responsibilities include:

  • Managing other household staff such as nannies or housekeepers
  • Helping families create a household staffing plan
  • Coordinating and overseeing household maintenance and repairs such as scheduling plumbers or lawn care services
  • Running errands on behalf of the family members, such as grocery shopping
  • Planning and organizing events such as birthday celebrations or graduation parties
  • Managing the household’s budget
  • Overseeing the family calendar and scheduling activities and appointments
  • Managing the household’s inventory and supplies such as cleaning supplies or pool chemicals

Live-In Household Manager vs. Live-Out Household Manager

Household managers can live at the family’s residence, or they can live out and commute to work and/or work remotely. If you’re considering hiring a live-in vs live-out household manager, here are some things to keep in mind:

Live-In Household Manager

A live-in household manager resides in the family’s home and is available to work full-time. They are provided with their own living quarters within the residence. Live-in household managers are on-call and available to assist the family with their needs at any time within their contractual agreements.

Live-Out Household Manager

A live-out household manager does not reside in the family’s home and typically works specific hours. They are available to work full-time or part-time, depending on the family’s needs. Live-out household managers do not have living quarters within the residence and are typically not on-call outside of their scheduled work hours.

Can a Household Manager Also Be a Nanny?

Many people wonder if their household manager can also serve as a nanny, or vice versa. The answer depends on your family’s specific needs and the qualifications of the household employee. However, a nanny/household manager combination role is common, particularly for parents of school age children.

When kids are in school full time, parents often still need reliable childcare before and/or after school. Some nannies are qualified to take on household manager duties during the day while children are in school. This is a good fit for parents who need consistent childcare and also desire help with the day-to-day activities of the home that household managers are equipped to handle. Furthermore, if a child needs to stay home from school, a nanny/household manager may be able to watch them while they’re sick, depending on your agreement.

Household Manager Qualifications

Are you wondering how to become a household manager? Household managers are experienced professionals with a background in household management, hospitality, or a related field. They should possess strong organizational and leadership skills, as well as excellent communication and problem-solving abilities. Those with strong critical thinking, organizational, and interpersonal skills make excellent household managers.

How to Hire a Household Manager

Hiring a household manager is an involved process including creating and advertising a job description, screening and vetting candidates, interviewing candidates, and negotiating contracts. Our team at Nanny Poppins can help to streamline this process, allowing you access to the industry’s top candidates and efficiently managing the hiring process. Reach out to learn more about our placement process and start the household manager hiring process.

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