Nanny placement agencies are a valuable resource for families and nannies alike. Not only do they help connect families with qualified nannies, but they help nannies find jobs that are best suited for them. Are you a nanny looking for work? Are you wondering how to find a nanny job? Do you find yourself searching “nanny jobs near me” and hoping for the best? Nanny placement agencies can help you shorten your search time, weed out bad fits, and secure your dream nanny job. Let’s explore some more benefits of using a nanny placement agency for nannies.

Access to a Large Pool of Families

Nanny placement agencies are a trusted resource for nannies and families alike. As such, agencies have access to a large pool of families looking for nannies. This means that nannies who are represented by an agency have access to more job opportunities than they would if they were searching on their own.

Fully Vetted Families

Families who use nanny placement agencies are fully vetted, which means that nannies who are represented by an agency can trust that the families they are working for have been thoroughly screened and are safe to work with. Nanny placement agencies have a high standard and commitments to only making ethical placements with excellent working conditions.

Additional Level of Trust

Being represented by a nanny placement agency provides an additional level of trust for nannies. Families trust the agency to present fully vetted candidates, which means that nannies who work with an agency have access to all open positions and an opportunity to choose and apply to ones they’re interested in. Instead of applying for jobs one at a time, you can peruse through all open jobs and consider which would be a great fit for you. You can also let the agency know details of the position you’re hoping for so they can help you find your dream nanny job.

how to find a nanny job

Preparation for Success

Nanny placement agencies prepare nannies for success. When nannies are represented by an agency, they are assessed and provided guidance on how to improve their chances of landing a position. Nanny agencies have access to various resources to help boost nannies’ candidacy, including assistance with resume updates and coaching and guidance to improve their interview skills. Furthermore, nanny placement agencies help nannies by first helping families define their needs and ideals. Clear expectations and goals all around help nannies thrive in their work with families.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Nanny placement agencies have expertise and industry knowledge that can benefit nannies. They understand the job market and can provide insights into hiring trends and salary expectations. They also have experience working with families in a range of industries, making it easier for them to find the right family for each nanny. Furthermore, nannies coach families to understand nanny industry standards such as guaranteed hours, PTO and health insurance contributions. Working with a nanny placement agency ensures that each family you consider working with has a thorough understanding of nanny expectations and nanny industry standards.

Ongoing Relationship

When you work with a nanny placement agency, support doesn’t end when you nanny jobs begins. Nannies and families alike can benefit from the ongoing support of the nanny placement agency throughout their working relationship together. The agency can help advocate for you, clarify or renew your contract, and help you find a new nanny job when the time arises.

Find Your Dream Nanny Job Today

Are you wondering how to find a nanny job? Take a look through our open jobs and reach out to learn more about working with us. Nanny Poppins is a trusted nanny placement agency with an excellent 25+ year track record in matching families and nannies. Whether you’re looking for a live-out nanny job, live-in nanny job, nanny/house manager role, or another domestic staffing role, we’re here to help you find your next dream job today.

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