Household Manager

How to Create a Successful Household Staffing Plan

Creating a successful household staffing plan is crucial for managing a busy household efficiently. A well-designed plan ensures that the right staff members are in place to meet the unique needs of the household or estate. If you employ more than one or two domestic staff members, it’s essential to create and execute a household […]

Houshold Staff

The Different Types of Domestic Staff and Their Roles

Domestic staff are professionals who provide a range of services to keep households running smoothly. Their duties may include cleaning, cooking, childcare, household management, transportation, maintenance, and more. In the United States, there are approximately 2.2 millions domestic staff workers working in private homes and estates across the country. Some households need only one or […]

domestic staff guide for traveling estate owners

Domestic Staff Guide for Traveling Estate Owners

Travel keeping you away from home? Do you own a large estate or property that needs managing while you’re away? You’re not alone: 62% of Americans are planning to spend more on travel in 2023. Owning and managing a large estate can be a demanding task, especially for those who travel frequently. To ensure that […]