Live-In Housekeeper vs Live-Out Housekeeper

When it comes to hiring a housekeeper, there are two main types: those who live in at your residence, and those who live out at their own home. The needs of your home or estate, your budget, and the availability of on-site housing will affect which choice is the right one for you: live-in or live-out housekeeper. Let’s explore the different roles and responsibilities of a live-in housekeeper vs. live-out housekeeper, including benefits and drawbacks of both options, to help you hire the best housekeeper for your household staffing needs.

Live-In Housekeeper Roles

Live-in housekeeper job responsibilities include:

  • Providing full-time housekeeping services such as cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, tidying, etc.
  • Typically works solely for one employer
  • May also provide other household duties such as home organization, running errands, or scheduling home maintenance
  • May be responsible for additional duties such as pet care or housesitting while the family is traveling
  • May not require their own transportation

Live-Out Housekeeper Roles

Live-out housekeeper job responsibilities include:

  • Providing part-time or full-time housekeeping services such as cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, tidying, etc.
  • May work for multiple employers
  • Needs their own transportation

Is it more affordable to hire a live-in housekeeper vs. live-out housekeeper?

If you require full-time housekeeping services, you may or may not find it more affordable to hire a live-in housekeeper. Live-in domestic staff salary varies widely depending on experience, location, and responsibilities. A live-out housekeeper might charge a higher hourly rate than a live-in housekeeper, or vice versa. It is best to focus on your household’s needs and available housing space first and foremost, as cost differences between a live-in vs live-out housekeeper can be negligible.

Pros and Cons of Live-In Housekeepers


  • Available for emergencies and last-minute requests
  • Can provide additional security for the home
  • Can provide companionship for elderly or housebound employers
  • May be more flexible with their schedule


  • May feel like an invasion of privacy
  • May have difficulty separating work and personal life
  • May not have their own transportation

Pros and Cons of Live-Out Housekeepers


  • Can provide a sense of privacy and separation between work and personal life
  • May have their own transportation


  • Not typically available for emergencies or last-minute requests
  • Cannot typically provide additional security for the home
  • May not be available for housesitting or petsitting care when the employer is traveling
  • May have a longer commute to work

How to Hire a Live-In vs. Live-Out Housekeeper

What’s best for your household – a live-in housekeeper or live-out housekeeper? The answer ultimately depends on the needs of your home and personal preferences. If you have the space, a live-in housekeeper can provide the most housekeeping responsibilities and offer additional benefits to the employer such as flexible scheduling and being available for emergencies. However if you only require a part-time housekeeper, or don’t have ample space to comfortable house a live-in employee, a live-out housekeeper would be the best choice.

We can help you find the perfect housekeeper for you unique situation. If you’re still torn on whether a live-in housekeeper vs live-out housekeeper is best for you, contact us to learn about how we can help. We can help you define your needs, set expectations, create job descriptions, and connect with top candidates. We can even list your job both ways, as either a live-in housekeeper job or live-out housekeeper job, to cast the widest net. Reach out today to start the housekeeper hiring process.


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