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Nanny Selection Process

The Nanny Poppins Agency has hundreds of qualified nannies for hire. Our goal is to recruit, place, and retain the most excellent childcare providers in the industry. Below are the most commonly asked questions and answers parents ask when inquiring about our nanny selection process.

Q. Where do you find your nannies?
A. Our agency has been in business since 1995 and we have processed thousands of quality nanny placements since that time. We are very happy to have been able to develop successful and trusting relationships with the nannies we have previously placed with our own clients. This has enabled us to retain many of those nannies, and confidently place them again with our new clients, as their former employer’s needs evolve and change over time. These nannies also refer us to other potential nannies because they have been happy with our service.

The Nanny Poppins Agency is receiving applications on a daily basis because we are a very well-known and respected agency. We are also continually recruiting nannies that we have met through advertising, word of mouth, the internet, and many positive newspaper articles, radio, and television coverage about our agency. We periodically recruit at job fairs and on college campuses as well to ensure that we are getting all of the best candidates we can find.

Q. How do you screen your nannies?
A. We strive to set ourselves apart from other nanny agencies by remaining educated and up to date on background investigations. We were trained by a licensed private investigator on what we really need to do in order to properly screen a candidate. Simply doing a state wide check is not sufficient. It is important to criminal check each candidate in every area they have lived.

Our nannies fill out an extensive employment application and questionnaire, which requires them to report all employment, academic, medical and personal history. We check and document an average of 5 references on each candidate after they have been interviewed at length. We contact each reference directly and spend 15-40 minutes speaking to each one. You will determine which perspective nannies you want to meet and set up interviews with them at your convenience. You will interview as many nannies as you need to.

We check childcare, other employment, academic and character references to ensure we are finding that each perspective nanny has demonstrated positive qualities in all aspects of their life. We also gain permission to speak to her doctor about any necessary medical or medication information.

We also conduct an investigation through an employment screening service to provide you with a complete name, date of birth current and former address verification, and social security number check. We then do a SORI (sexual offender registration) check, and investigate the courts and registry of motor vehicles in each area they have lived using all known last names (married, maiden) for their driving records, misdemeanors, felony and federal crimes.

The personal interview is conducted face to face and proper identification is provided to us by each candidate. We spend as much time as we need to get the best sense of the candidate, and will not bother screening anyone that we are not comfortable with for any reason.

Nanny Poppins takes great pride in this process and will never place a nanny that we are not happy and excited about. We also disclose all information to our clients at all times in order to help you make the most educated decision regarding who you hire. The nannies are required to sign release forms in order for us to obtain this information, and we tell them this on the phone before setting up an appointment with them.

Q. What is the process of finding a nanny?
A. Once registered with Nanny Poppins we will evaluate your needs together with you. We will educate you about what to expect and if needed help you write your job description. We will send you the information on each of the candidates looking for a nanny position as they become available, and you will contact them directly. You will determine which perspective nannies you want to meet and set up interviews with them at your convenience. You will interview as many nannies as you need to. You may interview a candidate you are interested in more than once if needed. We will help you each step of the way and remain in contact with both you and the nannies throughout the process as often as needed.

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The Nanny Poppins Agency is a Nationwide Full Service Nanny and Household Staffing Agency. We are committed to providing you the best personnel for your needs. If you have any questions about hiring Live-In, Live-out- Full-time or Part-time caregivers and professionals, please call the owner of the company, Jennifer Bouchard, at (617) 697-0052.

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