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Additional Domestic Staffing Services



Additional Services

Background Checking Services are available for any employee you hire on your own. Prices vary depending on type of checks and the amount of geographical areas we need to check. A consultation will be provided at no charge to help you determine the package you need. A release form from the person we are checking for you will be required.

Academic Tutors:

A tutor can be hired on a long or short term basis to work with your child/children to help them improve their skills in any academic area. Our agency works with teachers in all grade levels from preschool through high school, as well as people who have excelled in academics throughout their secondary education.

Creative Arts Tutors/Coaches:

A creative arts coach is a person with specialized skills who can help your child/children develop their skills with art, music, creative writing, dance, etc.

Special Needs Nanny/Babysitter:

This is a person who has educational and/or work experience with the particular need of your child.

Customized Babysitter Lists:

A babysitting list is customized for your family based on your needs. This is a list of available on-call sitters who clients can call directly to use for a total of 15 hours per week. This service does not replace part time nanny services as the babysitters are not making a commitment to a family beyond each date scheduled. This service is designed to give the family more flexibility in being able to call their babysitters directly and not be required to pay a $40.00 agency fee each time they request a babysitter. We have babysitters with full day, afternoon, morning, afternoon, evening and weekend availability. Our agency will take your family’s needs into consideration when putting the list together and tailor it to fit your consistent needs. The list will consist of 3-5 babysitters and we will update it as needed. $500. per year agency fee + babysitter’s hourly rate.

Corporate Contracts Available.

Event Sitters:

Nanny Poppins will staff your event with the appropriate number of babysitters to entertain and care for children (weddings, functions, parties, corporate events).

Elder Companion Care:

Nanny Poppins will provide screened applicants for families or individuals to work full or part time to provide companionship and assistance with daily activities and needs. Long and short term.

House Sitters:

Long or short term to fit your needs House Sitters with pet care if needed (we do not provide daily pet care providers at this time unless the person is staying in the house while the family travels. Special requests will be considered). Organizing, errand running, and shopping assistance: On a short term basis we can provide you with someone to come in and help you get things done at busy or difficult times. On a long term basis this service would fall under the Personal Assistant category (below).

Personal Assistant:

A personal assistant will work closely with his or her employer to fill the particular job description as described to the agency by the client. This person can help with the family or individual agenda on a personal and/or professional basis. Duties include but are not limited to: scheduling appointments, calendar keeping, organization, driving, errand running, message taking, administrative duties, shopping, and overall management of your individual, household or family needs.

Office/Administrative Assistant:

This person will work at your business or in your home office to assist you with your administrative and overall professional needs. We have a large database of people with all types of educational and professional experience and expertise.

Household Manager:

A household manager is a full time employee who’s duties may include but will not be limited to childcare. Monthly or long-term contracts only.


A housekeeper is responsible solely for cleaning.

Note: We understand that each client has their own individual needs and we will work with your job description to provide you with candidates specifically for your job description.

Refund and Replacement policies:

No refunds on short term or monthly fees. 30 day trial period with a longer term contract with refund policy as stated in the Family/Agency Agreement. Full replacement policy for contract length. Refunds will not be given to any client who has not signed and submitted the Family/Agency Agreement.

Note: Our agency is a referral service and does not employ our candidates. As the client you are the employer and are responsible for paying an hourly rate or salary to any of the candidates that you hire.

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